Logan ★★★★★


This is a tale of legacy. In the year 2000, my dad took me to see X-Men at the movies. I was 10 years old. I loved it. I loved Wolverine. Hugh Jackman's love for the character is always so apparent, no matter the quality of the film around him, and for me this was what made him so iconic. So sitting down in the theater seventeen years later to watch him be Wolverine for the very last time caused a roiling storm of emotions within me before the show had even started. As far as final rounds go, there's not a lot more I could ask for, and a lot of that is due to the freedom an R-rating provided. Finally we get a chance to see the bloody, terrible consequences of the violence that follows Logan around, and it is unrelenting. The toll it has taken on Wolverine is no longer primarily mental, either, has he limps and staggers and looks like shit literally the entire time he is on screen. He gets so fucked up.

There were still things I didn't entirely love about this movie, but it wasn't a lot, and I won't get into it here. More importantly is the things that were so very right, and those are many. This is a movie about the end of a superhero in a time when there is no forseeable end to superhero movies, and for that reason alone it is significant. But what I really loved was the smaller-scale, deeply personal stakes, like the ghosts of a past better forgotten, the cost of a life of inescapable violence, and simply the pain of getting old. I hope no-one ever coaxes Hugh Jackman out of retirement (CUT IT OUT REYNOLDS YOU GOT YOURS), because as ends go, you couldn't ask for much better.

I never got bored of watching claws gore through people's faces, either.

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