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  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire


    I've been waiting two weeks for Streets of Fire to arrive in the mail and it finally came today. Worth the wait alone for the bookending songs. The other pleasures in between are nice too. I mean, who has two coal hammers sitting around just in case you need to duel a nemesis? Raven does, that's who!! And what goofy but also kinda cool costumes. The leather overalls and the suspenders-over-a-sleeveless-jean-shirt probably take the cake for most 80s outfits the…

  • The State I Am In

    The State I Am In


    Wow, German police do not mess around. I KNEW that the ending was coming, but still hoped that the family could somehow make it out. Telling a genre tale about a pair of lover criminals is given fresh insight by putting the focus and point of view from that of Jeanne, the daughter.

    What a debut feature film!!

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  • First Blood

    First Blood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's hard to remember, because of the awful sequels that came after, but First Blood's Rambo is not a macho 80's action hero. He's a broken man who's climactic final scene is him breaking down in tears, recounting how one of his squad mates and friends in the Vietnam War died. This was not how other 80's action hero's ended their films. The empathy First Blood shows for its leading hero, John Rambo, makes it special in the canon of…

  • The Last Stand

    The Last Stand


    The Last Stand, Jee-woon Kim's American debut, is a goofy blockbuster staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Peter Stormare, and Jaimie Alexander. The action is goofy, some of the characters are weird, and the premise is a little hokey. But there's a strange endearing quality to the whole film, which is probably thanks to Jee-woon Kim. I have yet to see any of his Korean films, but I want to rectify that situation as soon as possible.