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  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    a family musical... about class, the banking system, and parenting.
    designed to be a classic - and is considered a classic, but for a hundred reasons other than what it sets out to say.

  • Tchoupitoulas



    takes you directly into the hazy chaos of new orleans nightlife, a place somewhere between a purgatory and a paradise for musicians and artists. the disorientating texture of the street atmosphere is brought to life as perfectly as seems possible through film.

    shapes, shadows, and lights loom over the three children that the camera follows, but they are completely at home, unafraid and seemingly in no danger. they move along tchoupitoulas street and into darker surrounding areas, unwittingly exposing the beautiful guts of the city and its people.

    incredibly simple, uniquely illuminating. a simultaneously apocalyptic and idyllic representation of a city formed by culture and tradition.

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  • Mirror



    underestimated even by those who love it. steeped in references to other mediums, if ever a film deserved to be read and analysed extensively, it's this, and anyone interested in it should do so. the finished construct dwarfs film as a whole, and is one of, if not the best film about russia ever made.

  • House



    on the surface, house may appear haphazardly put together, almost thoughtless in intent and execution, but i believe the opposite to be true.

    every set and shot is exquisitely composed and lit. they are vivid and alluring, and the consistent quality reigns in even the most abstracted referential moments (which are where a lot of the comedy comes from). house is remarkably coherent considering what actually happens on screen.

    there is a veritable cornucopia of special effects and editing techniques…