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  • The Narrow Margin

    The Narrow Margin

    My first Fleischer, and it's completely next level stuff already in his early B noir phase (hellooo 70 minutes). Especially fun to watch it's scrappy camera-kicking fight scene (that probably coulda been made the day before last) after having recently seen an unknowing homage and/or modern equivalent in The Commuter. Add it to the train movie canon baby

  • Cabin Boy

    Cabin Boy

    Kinda like Tom Green's Robert Altman's Popeye

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  • Fury


    Fury Drinking Game:
    1. Drink when Shia Labeouf cries

    yeah that should be enough

  • Big Trouble in Little China

    Big Trouble in Little China

    What cults wish they were made of. Complete with Kurt Russell's humbling portrayal of an eternally wandering soul. In a world where knives win in gun fights and there isn't a problem kung fu can't solve, the orients reign supreme. Don't let the macho man on the cover fool you, he's just the sidekick.