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  • Made


    Did you just let Screech into the fucking club?

    Jon Favreau's directorial debut has some crazy Vince Vaughn energy going for it, but the story is a little shaggy. Favreau plays the main character, and he's almost always just playing the straight man to Vaughn, a dynamic that starts to get old fairly quickly and by the film's ending had me happy to turn off the TV and call it a night. The direction and editing show some signs of…

  • Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Trapped in a bland digital space for months on end with no human interaction and absolutely nothing to do? Can relate!

    Jon Hamm is always a joy to watch, but the structure of this episode makes the overall narrative a bit weaker than typical for Black Mirror. I did love all the Easter eggs referencing other episodes that they threw into this one, though. It's an okay episode - Mild Recommend.

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  • 1917


    Down to Valhalla or up to the throne
    He travels the fastest who travels alone

    A cinematic experience unlike anything else you’re going to see this year. Do yourself a favor and see this on the largest screen with the best sound system you can - this will not be the same on home video. And be prepared to have your heart racing for 2 hours straight. 

    The film is an incredible achievement from top to bottom, but the immersive…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out

    But the doughnut hole is not a hole. It’s a smaller doughnut with its own hole!

    The tragedy of high expectations! This film is fun. It’s got a great cast doing some fine work with a tight and intelligent script - several of those performances brimming with scenery-chewing grandeur. I was entirely engaged, laughed a lot, and felt genuine empathy with the main character (Ana De Armas, in a star-making turn).

    So why do I feel so disappointed?! The one…