Halloween ★★★★

Speed kills, jerk!

Is it unfair to call something tropey and cliched if it was the progenitor of all those tropes and cliches? Probably so, but it is a feeling that's hard to shake from John Carpenter's OG slasher flick. From the implacable stalker with the ability to appear and disappear as if by magic, to the reveal of murder victims arranged in an elaborate tableau, to the virginal Final Girl, played so perfectly by Jamie Lee Curtis. All of this has been repeatedly carbon copied and deconstructed so many times at this point, that I felt like I'd already seen this, even though this was a first-time watch for me.

That iconic score is really what elevates this over its copycats. The POV shots from Michael Myers' perspective are also exceptionally done. And I also loved the way Howard Hawks' original The Thing shows up on the TV in the background, which really wraps up my John Carpenter weekend with a nice, neat bow. Recommended - I mean you absolutely must see this at some point. Why not at Halloween?

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