Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

But the doughnut hole is not a hole. It’s a smaller doughnut with its own hole!

The tragedy of high expectations! This film is fun. It’s got a great cast doing some fine work with a tight and intelligent script - several of those performances brimming with scenery-chewing grandeur. I was entirely engaged, laughed a lot, and felt genuine empathy with the main character (Ana De Armas, in a star-making turn).

So why do I feel so disappointed?! The one word answer is hype. I’ve been hearing such effusive praise for this cast, story, and director coming out of film festivals and early screenings, I guess I was expecting the film to be life-changing. And it just wasn’t. It’s good. You’ll have a fun time with it. I Recommend it. But please go in with reasonable expectations, or you’ll surely suffer the same fate as me.

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