Tenet ★★★★

Time isn’t the problem. It’s getting out alive that’s the problem.

This is very difficult to rate as a film. It’s really more of a puzzle. A visceral, visually stimulating symphony of a puzzle, to be sure, but a puzzle all the same. The narrative was so hard for me to comprehend that I didn’t even rate it when I saw it for the first time last week with my family. Only after rewatching by myself, rewinding about a dozen times during pivotal scenes, and turning on the subtitles am I now able to feel like I understand the major components of the actual plot. Which is probably not a great endorsement for someone just wanting to enjoy a good movie. It certainly rewards a rewatch, so I’m glad we splurged on the 4K Blu-ray, as I’m certain to revisit this a few more times. Recommended if you're the kind of person who's watched Memento, Primer, or Upstream Color multiple times and enjoyed the experience. Otherwise, YMMV.

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