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  • Suspense.



    FSDO 2021 β€” Week 1 β€” Lois Weber

    Despite its short length and considerable age, this film is chock full of technically impressive, beautiful shots. The cameras were so unwieldy and the editing process so laborious back then!

    I was especially impressed how well the film captures this elemental face of evil, threatening, creeping towards the camera. He makes such a strong impression that the image is seared into my brain alongside Bob from Twin Peaks.

    Unfortunately, this character also embodies my least favourite aspect of the film β€” a very conservative morality centred on fears of the Evil Poor.

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    FSDO 2021 β€” Week 32 β€” "Razzies - Golden Raspberry Award"

    5 frames

    This week's theme being the Razzies, which I consider lazy and intellectually cowardly, I thought it would be fitting to pick a film they predictably hate-bandwagoned that's since undergone a critical reappraisal. I think in the past I might have had a different reaction to this film, but one insightful video essay (which explores Verhoeven's entire filmography) drastically changed my perspective on Verhoeven. Now it's hard for…