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  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  • The Thing
  • The Train

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  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller


    I think I might have just found another contender to compete with the likes of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Outlaw Josey Wales at the top of one of my favourite movie niches—the “chill western”. As soon as I heard those guitar strings plucking away, paired with the dulcet tones of Leonard Cohen; accompanying the sight of Warren Beatty on horseback, riding through those rain-washed, forested mountain slopes—I knew I was in safe hands once again. This…

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    If Meek’s Cutoff was Reichardt’s look at demythologising the old norms of the American western, First Cow is her attempt to completely recontextualize them. I don’t know if any other entry in the genre has ever been quite this tender, or quite so human in its storytelling. It is a powerful, understated, compassionate piece of filmmaking, and one of the most immersive cinema experiences that I can remember.

    The real beauty of this film is its simplicity. It is first…

Recent reviews

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    In something of a very rare exception of late, I found myself completely buying into the hype for this one. It genuinely feels like a breath of fresh air within our present mainstream movie culture of formulaic multi-million dollar franchises and utterly soulless reboots. And considering this latest from the evidently talented “Daniels” duo taps into the most prevalent of current movie trends—the multiverse—it comes as even more of a surprise that it somehow manages to carve out its own…

  • Picnic at Hanging Rock

    Picnic at Hanging Rock


    This is one of the most haunting and chilling films I’ve seen in a while, yet I’m not sure you could truly classify it as a horror; it’s more horror-adjacent than anything else. It begins as the most dreamy and unassuming of period dramas, lulling the viewer into a false sense of security before firmly landing them in the realms of a plaintive, surrealist mystery; one that seemingly holds little reason and even fewer solutions for the audience. In fact,…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Wouldn’t we all like to live deliciously?

    It’s good to put things into perspective. Despite all the biblical-scale madness happening this year, be thankful you’re not a God-fearing peasant farmer living in the bleak 1600s, procreating uncontrollably, banished for your supposed misdeeds, forced to scratch a living off dirt, plagued by blighted crops, tormented by demonic livestock, and cursed by a satanic coven of witches who dwell in the creepy woods behind your house.

    This is such an assured and…

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    I would quite happily sit down and watch an extended bonus feature where Antonius Block and Death do little more than play a protracted game of chess, exchange the odd quip, and ponder the meaning of life.