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  • Inception



    My personal favorite Nolan film, with a soundtrack 2nd only to Zimmer’s own work on Interstellar. I could watch this one at any time. What a great concept, executed flawlessly.

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    Fun to the max.

  • Dumb and Dumber

    Dumb and Dumber


    One of the best 90s soundtracks.

  • Rambo: Last Blood

    Rambo: Last Blood


    A 1 star film but a five star unintentional comedy masterpiece, Sly Stallone sends off his Rambo character in the self-congratulating, masturbatory way he has come to own. 

    While Rocky is more sympathetic, likeable, and entertaining, Rambo is Stallone’s ugly other half who’s mumbling, emotional word salad will leave you either numb with indifference, or howling with laughter as he cuts heads, arms, legs, and necks, then fills them with bullet holes just for good measure. Sorry Zombieland, but Rambo’s got ya beat on the double, triple, quadruple tap to the Nth degree.

  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


    When I was in middle school, my friend saw this movie one week. I had never seen it, heard of it, heard of Will Ferrell or any of his ilk.

    He quoted all the best lines to me the first week. Then he saw it again and quoted more. Then again and again until he could recite the whole movie by heart. Every day, he would quote this movie to me. Sure it was funny, then it got annoying. Then…

  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights

    Robin Hood: Men in Tights


    Master Robin! AHHHHHH!!! You’ve lost your arms in battle! How terrible... But you grew some nice boobs!

  • Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


    Not my favorite QT. I don’t think he expects it to be anyone’s but man is he loving the hell out of making it. It has all the things I expect and love from his films. 


  • The Bourne Ultimatum

    The Bourne Ultimatum


    Idk if you’ve ever read a Robert Ludlum novel but they are tedious. The Bourne movies however are part of a select few films that I can’t watch at any time. 

    I really really REALLY hope they go forward with Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon character. Those are my favorite spy-thriller novels ever. You should read The English Assassin. Fantastic.

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    Christoph Waltz gleefully tearing through his scenes and dialogue is something to behold. Everyone knew he was getting an Oscar that year. It wasn’t even close.

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine


    Am I beautiful?
    Olive, you
     are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. 
    You’re just saying that. 
    No I’m not. I’m madly in love with you. And it’s not because of your brains or your personality. It’s because you’re beautiful. 

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    The thing that makes Toy Story, and Pixar films in general, so fantastic is that they’re able to intertwine real, identifiable children’s themes with real adult emotion and humor. It’s pretty incredible, and difficultly to pull off. The ending of Toy Story 3 is so real and strong that you can’t deny it.

    The level of skill necessary to pull these kinds of stories off is incredible.

  • Toy Story

    Toy Story


    This film broke so much ground, did so many things for story and animation... is there anyone alive that doesn’t like this movie?