Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

[Upon opening the Well of the Souls and peering down]
Sallah: Indy, why does the floor move?
Indiana: Give me your torch.
[Indy takes the torch and drops it in, revealing hundreds of snakes all over floor of the Well of Souls]
Indiana: Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?
Sallah: Asps... very dangerous. You go first.

Brings back many memories as I watch this film after many years yet it remains very fresh and the best of the franchise!

Indiana Jones is one of cinema’s great creations and who else could have done it better than the greatest creators of all times, Steven Spielberg.

The Breathtaking Cinematography and amazing Set designs surely deserve acclamation as they are one of the most spectacularly done aspects of the film other than direction of course, while John Williams' adventurous score suits the tone of the film really well and the relentless pace and sly humor keeps us hooked to screens enjoyably.

Coming to performances, every actor was great in their role but the show stellar is one and only one The Indiana Jones, brilliantly played by Harrison Ford which has now became one of the most iconic roles ever played.

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