Inferno ★★★

A clear step down from Suspiria, Inferno mostly suffers from a lack of focus. It isn't until nearly 50 minutes into this movie that we know who our main character is. Before then we jump around to several different characters, all of them who get killed. It's as if Argento wanted to pull the Psycho twist, but the problem was he did it twice, cheapening it. Argento's films, as well as the films of many other Italian horror masters, are lacking in plot. The best ones succeed in mood and style, despite the plot. The problem here is that the plot is so central, with the mythologizing of the Three Mothers that it drags down the parts of this that really do work. Ultimately, it's not a bad film, just one that could have done more with a shorter run time and a more focused plot.

Weak Recommend