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  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road


    The period set designs and wardrobe are spot on and so is Kate with wonderful support from Kathy Bates doing some scene-stealing.

  • The Walk

    The Walk


    Gordon-Levitt's accent soon got irritating - they should have cast a Frenchman.

    The highlight is the aerial shots. The screenplay needed to be more compact including finding an ending much sooner than it did.

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  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank


    The casting is spot on. Jarvis is in every scene and does remarkably well for a young 'un. She has a great head butt.The dialogue is concise and in your face.The scene with the kid in the river looked authentic. The dance number with mum and the two sisters reminded me of "Bande a Part"(1964).

    Big budget film makers eat your hearts out.

  • Tom and Huck

    Tom and Huck


    The kids have been disneyfied but some interest in the adult cast. Routine but solid story with excellent Disney production values.