Justice League

Justice League ★★


I can't remember the last time I was this underwhelmed by a film. Instead of striking something of a balance between Zack Snyder's epic, moody vision and Joss Whedon's poppy and quippy attitude, Justice League is merely a catastrophic collision of both styles, resulting in a film that is so often trying to be two completely different things at once that it's ultimately painfully generic and entirely devoid of impact or substance. It also doesn't help that Whedon's dialogue more often than not falls flat, with Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa being the only actors seemingly capable of delivering it.

I've been a defender of the DCEU since Man of Steel. Even though I wasn't exactly in love with that film, I recognized it as a work of singular vision. And every film in the cinematic universe since has been the clear product of their director's input (even Suicide Squad, which is trash, has qualities that are distinctly David Ayer). However, with Justice League, we have a film so lifeless and interchangeable with every other modern superhero film that it not only added an extra weight to my superhero fatigue, but severely lowered any excitement I have for any future DC film...

...that isn't called Wonder Woman 2.

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