Externo ★★★

Externo is a movie that has a great concept but perhaps is weighed down by its over-stylised presentation.

Leandro Taub plays Joseph, a man who seemingly views Earth as a business, countries as sub-sectors. He’s the ultimate opportunist, the master-puppeteer who through means of manipulation seeks to create and control a global Empire of his own. This concept is an intriguing one and Externo certainly poses many questions to the viewer. How do leaders run the world we live in? When is enough, enough? What is the price of wealth?

This is a movie that utilises visual storytelling, some of which is very effective. There’s a scene where Joseph is seen to be physically shaping dirt with his hands-a metaphor for his intentions of shaping planet Earth to his liking. There are other similarly effective scenes throughout.

However, at times I did feel the movie was overly-stylised which at times made it difficult to fully enjoy the premise. There is also a romantic subplot that felt completely out of place in the context of the main story.

Despite this, Externo is worth a thought-provoking watch that poses many questions worth asking.

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