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  • Horace and Pete

    Horace and Pete


    This is a review of a TV series, an exception from the norm for me. After watching this I realized what I am missing out on. I mean, this is clearly the era of the TV series and there are some real gems out there that need to see the light of day.

    With Horace and Pete, I also continue my exploration into Louis C.K.'s works. I was very impressed with his debut film and this TV series confirms my…

  • Tomorrow Night

    Tomorrow Night


    Weirdly titled black comedy with oddball characters, sado-masochistic humor, surrealistic tones and fetishes. Engaging and funny for the most part, Louis CK shows the mark of an auteur in the making. Also the choice of faded out black and white cinematography turns out to be very appropriate for the tone of this film.

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  • Humanity and Paper Balloons

    Humanity and Paper Balloons

    Poetry is a dying art form mainly because good poetry generally made people think and interpret unlike the vulgar and crass, in-your-face forms of expression that people are being fed upon today. Humanity and Paper Balloons is not just a movie but rather its poetry in cinematic form.
    The movie leaves a lot of food for thought for the viewer; so much so that I was glaring at the blank screen for several minutes after this movie ended. The part…

  • Doomed Love

    Doomed Love


    The novel as a living and breathing organism. Doomed Love appears to be the culmination of the quest for the greatest adaptation of a novel on film. This is perhaps the only film that manages to accentuate the text without sacrificing the intangible emotions behind it. It makes use of cinematic techniques that are nothing short of genius. No mean task considering how many film makers tried but just fell short, including Oliveira himself.