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  • The Day After

    The Day After


    Hong tackles the sensitive subject of extra-marital affair by using humor to show the absurdity of the situation and especially that of the players. One character talks about having faith, one accuses the male protagonist of being a coward, and that character herself is a hypocrite. The cowards and hypocrites are caricatures that cry out loud and will even admit to their cowardice over a drink of soju. Fortunately, the character with faith including the male protagonists wife will survive…

  • On the Beach at Night Alone

    On the Beach at Night Alone


    Hong's most emotionally wrenching film since Remembering the Turning Gate. I haven't liked his films with female protagonists as much until this one. The drinking/smoking session scenes are less than usual but way more effective. Also got to admire Hong's use of surrealism in humor; never fails to tickle the funny bone. The waves of emotions I felt at the end were so many, i felt like caressing my head like that flower Kim caresses in one of the scenes.

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  • Humanity and Paper Balloons

    Humanity and Paper Balloons

    Poetry is a dying art form mainly because good poetry generally made people think and interpret unlike the vulgar and crass, in-your-face forms of expression that people are being fed upon today. Humanity and Paper Balloons is not just a movie but rather its poetry in cinematic form.
    The movie leaves a lot of food for thought for the viewer; so much so that I was glaring at the blank screen for several minutes after this movie ended. The part…

  • A Passage to India

    A Passage to India


    While I was going through some of the previous reviews of this film, I noticed someone call it a "flawed masterpiece". I do not generally like to use this oxymoron to assess a film but this film definitely seems to fit into that category. There are so many things in this film that are flawed or might appear to lack imagination but then it does seem to get so many things right that it makes me think.

    The whole nature…