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  • Joker




    "We live in a society...."

    A lot of the online discourse about Joker intending to downplay or make fun of the film includes this line, which someone told me is a reference to one of the Arkham games. But we do live in a society, a society which is not very different from what is depicted in Todd Phillips' Joker , as much as we might like to believe otherwise. We live in a society where the rich…

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  • Song Without a Name

    Song Without a Name


    Poor man's Roma.
    Really liked it, though.

  • Metropolis



    THE COMPLETE METROPOLIS on the big screen was stuff of dreams for me. Bucket list checked. Masterpiece.

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  • Lust Stories

    Lust Stories


    To understand the actual value of this movie, I believe one has to be from a regressive country like India.
    These stories might seem very ordinary but when seen from the perspective of a modern-day Indian, these have immense values.
    A country where even speaking about sex is considered taboo, needed this kind of empowerment for the women, and not the Veere Di Wedding type.
    This collection pays a tribute to women, their sufferings, their sacrifices and their desires.


  • Dunkirk


    Can the people who rated this explain where exactly they have seen it?
    Can the people who have rated this 1/2 to 2 star explain where they have seen it and why they hate Christopher Nolan so badly?