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  • The Untamed

    The Untamed


    Ugh. This is a beautiful fucking movie, man. Perfectly well made, no qualms there. Terrific first act, boring middle, slightly interesting climax and a wet fart of an ending.

    I probably would have liked this a lot more if, a.) “Possession” wasn’t already one of my favorite movies of all time (this feels at times like a flacid imitation) and, b.) the script had followed through on any of the themes it introduced. As it is, “The Untamed,” for all its technical prowess, has very little to say.

    CGI monsters are such a bummer.

  • Bog Creatures

    Bog Creatures


    This is a tough movie to rate. On the one hand, there are a handful of truly wonderful and startling scenes, complex in their awfulness, and most of the cast is pretty much fascinatingly terrible throughout. On the other hand, we get a lot of very boring scenes of bog people walking around and characters doing as close to nothing as possible, so it’s not all popcorn and skittles in “Bog Creatures.”

    As far as irredeemable trash goes, this isn’t half bad.

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  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Nathan for You: Finding Frances


    The best film of the year is an episode of a reality show and we all just have to be okay with that.

  • Jigsaw



    I fucking love these stupid goddamn movies. And while I don’t consider any entry in the series to be truly ‘bad,’ this is probably one of the better ones.