I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★½


First genus movie I've seen coming from this year, have yet to watch Nomadland, Minari, The Trial of the Chicago 7, The French Dispatch and Mank. Of course, going to see some interesting indies but right now for me, I'm Thinking of Ending Things is the best movie of 2020.

Not Kaufman's best but I like this one more than Anomalisa. Charlie Kaufman's mind is so big, I don't want his movies to be ordinary, I don't want his films to go small. It's so sad that no one wants to support his works financially especially because I consider him to be one of the most creative ones out there. What a big, big, big mind. He likes to pull the strings. Your expectations for these characters do not matter but what they are trying to point out, or at least the story, is the thing that's lifting up the story more.

He tricked you into thinking that the young woman is the main protagonist. Well, technically she is but you only realize that she really isn't when a specific scene kicks in that turns the whole movie upside down. Is this a gamble? In today's standards, I think it it is. Every artistic movie is a gamble nowadays. The guy is so unconventional with storytelling but he makes sure that everything has their own purpose. This movie has a movie in it. The meaning does not have to be visible all the time, again, he is different. So smart.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things is like the other two of Kaufman's, simply presented yet big in concept. He disguises the fact that it is about one thing but in the end, you find yourself drowning in a sea of ideas. Charlie Kaufman's brain is big. His films need second watches and I'm not excluding myself from this even though I got the gist already. Great, great movie.

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