Klaus ★★★½

Klaus is a heartfelt and charming movie with fantastic animation and fun characters, but the story is pretty average.

The concept itself is pretty good with being a Santa origin story with the mail aspect thrown in. The characters are all fun and have good dynamics and jokes (loved Norm Mcdonald being in this). The comedy is average and inoffensive at worst and pretty good at best (which I consider a positive aspect since it has no really bad jokes). The soundtrack is jarring and bizarre.

The story though, is pretty average. It relies on using generic tropes and plot elements to progress through the story. Mostly the "wait I can explain" and "guy gets the girl" tropes are what bother me. The former doesn't need much explaining on why it's annoying now. The latter bothers me a bit since it's joked about but that doesn't undo that the movie resorts to a generic relationship (although it leads to a sweet moment). The love interest is underused a bit too. Not by a lot but it's noticeable.

Despite the average story, the film has a lot of charm and style. The animation is unique and cool. I still like all the characters. I can recommend it on that and it still being a fun movie.

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