Possessor ★★★★½

A very good depiction of the logical end result of the capitalistic system. Everyone exists to produce and the wealthiest corporations do whatever they want in order to gain power while every agent of the system has their identity and humanity stripped from them through desensitization just so they can reach a point of absolute effectiveness which allows them to do nothing else except carry out the will of people more powerful than them.

What's interesting about the movie is that its completely void of heroism. There isn't a righteous bone on any single character in here. Our lead is an agent of the system who carries out assassinates for the benefit of her employers. She's a clear cut anti-hero and I honestly found this aspect to the story extremely refreshing. A story doesn't always have to be moral in its ethics choosing to depict what happens in the movie in a non-judgmental way actually enhanced the effect of it.

There's a decent amount of wonderfully fucked up imagery that gives you the creeps and there's quite a bit of glorious violence carried out. Nothing compared to seeing how the character ended up though. I felt uncomfortable because I thought: that's not how it was "supposed to end", but the more and more I think about the ending, the more the "anti-arc" stands out and after the initial shock, it was a deliciously twisted journey that perfectly fit the thematic content of the movie.

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