The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

I had my The Worst Person in the World phase which was coincidentally also four years as it is in here, from when I was 23 to 27. At 29 I have more or less figured myself out, but I'm not in a place I wanna be, which is fine. Life is indeed not about milestones, it's about moments and the way the film goes on to illuminate this point is so wonderfully bittersweet.

There's never a lack of understanding about how Julie's uncertainty is the biggest part that creates her most painful experiences. There's just something so beautiful about her choosing that uncertainty, moving on and then looking back at the happiness she could have had, smiling because she's genuinely happy for the other person, while simultaneously not regretting her decision.

I don't think I've ever seen a movie which captures the beauty of relationships and especially their flaws as well as this. Loads of stories say that it's fine for relationships to end, but I can't think of too many that show a character have relationships and then cherish them after they've ended. It doesn't treat them as things that happened, ended badly, which should therefore be forgotten about. It shows all that was good about them, the flaws and it shows them end in difficult ways. It shows them remembered and cherished, as integral parts of you that will last forever as the meaningful experiences which played a part in shaping you.

I truly could have not made a better choice than to watch Reprise, Oslo and The Worst Person all back to back. The first two films have more melancholic takeaways, while this one is just pure life affirmation in the most ridiculously joyful of ways, without ever losing the complexities, clashes, problems and profundities of life.

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