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  • Laggies



    Scavenger Hunt #42, Task #3: A film with a female director that was distributed by A24.

    After complaining about how her friends have lost their sense of humor as they've gotten older, Keira Knightley pauses in contemplation and then wonders out loud, "Or maybe, maybe actually they're the ones that are telling the jokes, and I'm the one that's missing them." And man, I felt that.

    "Laggies" requires you to suspend disbelief to an almost heroic degree, as well as…

  • The Front Runner

    The Front Runner


    Weirdly lifeless considering the pedigree. It's impossible to argue with the thesis, i.e., that the media's pathological need for narrative is what greatly contributed to our country hurtling off the cliff, much like the campaign bus in the poster for this movie. After all, it is fascinating - and just a tad bit depressing - to compare the Ben Bradlee of last year's "The Post," espousing the necessity of a responsible media for a healthy democracy, to the Ben Bradlee…

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  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    Scavenger Hunt #42, Task #20: A film about young love.

    "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" is really good, and not even by sliding "Thank God for Asian representation" standards. It's just... a well-done teen romantic comedy, with no qualifiers attached. I honestly can't believe it.

    The movie has some of the same pitfalls that afflict most films in the genre, but it is more notable for the pitfalls that it manages to avoid. Lara Jean is sexually inexperienced…

  • Torque



    Scavenger Hunt #31, Task #29: A film about gangs.

    My eyes were already rolling during the first minute of "Torque," and they never quite found their way back to their proper location until well after the movie was over. Director Joseph Kahn once said of "Torque" that he was making a "dumb movie for smart people," which makes me worry that Kahn may not know what the word "smart" means. Maybe he was talking about that scene where the draft…