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  • First Cow

    First Cow


    They R lovers.
    Cookie came over for the first time ever and CLEANED the apartment and brought him FLOWERS. Put some respect on his name.
    A slow film that feels difficult at first. Then I started to notice the trees, grasses, and other small things. It was good to feel part of the environment. I felt how life must have been before iphones. Slow, more self reflective. You are your surroundings and are only a part of the physical place you are. Enjoyed this film!

  • Say Anything...

    Say Anything...


    So I've finally watched the movie with the original boombox outside the window scene. I honestly didn't realize that it came from this movie, but what a cultural moment. It was much less monumental than its replicas in other films. She didn't even come to window??! Overall a solid movie. A good feeling to be immersed in. I don't think there's much to say beyond that. Other than Ione Skye is stunning and what a wonderful name. I am perplexed…

  • Notting Hill

    Notting Hill


    A delightful romantic comedy. Julia Roberts is glowing, and I spent most of the movie just admiring her, so much so that I didn't take away much else from the movie. I love his eccentric flatmate. Also love the bluntness within Hugh's friend group in the movie. They say, on the surface, what appear to be the rudest things to each other. But, they say it with love resting on years of friendship. I think this is how I interact…

  • He's Just Not That Into You

    He's Just Not That Into You


    Cute film. The concept of the movie is that girls were often told in in their youth that when a boy is mean to you, it means they like you. Which then leaves them unprepared to navigate dating as an adult. The women don't understand the notion that if someone isn't contacting you, isn't giving you attention, then maybe they don't like you. It's funny because in my circles, it's always is the men who want to get married. Women…