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  • One Cut of the Dead - Mission: Remote

    One Cut of the Dead - Mission: Remote


    Lovely to see the cast and crew come together in these trying times. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances it's not nearly as electrifying as OCOTD but still very wholesome.

  • Persona



    Oh okay, now I understand where Robert Eggers and David Lynch got their mojo from.

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    Well, that was one of the most awful experiences I've witnessed on screen. The filmmakers sure did their homework and I kinda hate them for that. But let's not discount the cinematic techniques Mick Jackson and crew used here. The editing is astounding. The sequence where the bomb drops feels way ahead of it's time. Not gonna lie, it may have brought on some tears due to how terrifying it was for me.

    *minor spoiler
    Also doesn't help that the bomb drops on May 26 and as of writing this review it is May 25.

  • Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness


    Perhaps the sexiest vampire film I've seen to date? It slightly inches out Vampyros Lesbos due to less sleaze. I had heard a lot about this and was excited to see it even though, as I have mentioned before, vampires aren't really my favourite. But these 70's European Vampire flicks are so slick and sexy I would never pass one up! Loved the cinematograpghy in this. Some surreal images mixed with luscious love scenes. Great setting too. The hotel felt like a character in and of itself.