Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★½

I want to live in this movie forever. That's all.
Want to be as good an actor as Casey Affleck who never ceases to be stunning--for him, even the flicker of every muscle serves the film (jaw dropping-ly). Want to be as good an actor as Lucas Hedges who never seems to be acting EVER and lives so presently in each moment that you wonder if there is a screenplay. Want to be as good an actor as Michelle Williams whose every impulse is organic and authentic. Want to work with a director as generous and supportive as Lonergan.
Can't remember the last time I saw a movie where not a single performance seemed actor-y...that's all thanks to Lonergan.
Truly believe this film deserves to be canonized as it is exemplary in nearly every aspect--acting, direction, pace, screenwriting. I wish it lasted four more hours.
I want to live in this movie.
My only criticism is the score--but I can see that it serves to exhaust the viewer as Casey's character is exhausted. Not the choice I would have made, however.
But I love it love it love it.
I cry a lot in movies but not once here and that's a remarkable accomplishment of the film as well...You, similar to the characters, are forced to hold your breath, keep from giving into intense emotion, and manage to continue moving through the mundane...because that's what it is to be human and alive!!!
This film excites me about the future of cinema!!!