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  • Billy Blanks' Taebo - Insane Abs

    Billy Blanks' Taebo - Insane Abs


    By any conceivable ethical framework this is the greatest film I’ve ever seen, it’s made my life infinitely better as my newly chiseled abs ripple the landscape. What did your favorite film do for you? Oh, did Stalker make your infant brain think its first time ever? Maybe try journaling pal. Au Hasard Balthasar can’t make your heart burn like my core does after half a Taebo. I can’t even feel Tokyo Story at this resting heartrate, my cardiovascular performs…

  • High Life

    High Life


    Honestly expected more nihilism and less Juliette Binoche jacking off looking like the whole Goya Black Painting House at once.

    High Life explores an enterprise that is basically Theranos for cum. It implies a laughably dystopian future, where society has the technology to send a self-sustaining bell jar garden into a black hole, but there are still mobs of train-riding hobo teens straight out of Newsies. It’s a world where Multinational Corporations have thoroughly won, where things are designed to…

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  • Rashomon



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Completely struck by the staged quality here, the total theatricality, including in set design, lighting (spotlights??), and acting style.

    I frankly wasn't too into this, and didn't find any ambiguity. Perhaps I misinterpreted the plot.

    -faces are reflective–makeup, perspiration
    -foregrounding the textures, leaves, etc
    -toshiro writhing like voldo!
    -some lovely camerawork
    -light has no naturalistic source
    -some continuity breaks
    -love the bit of a dead guy lying for his dignity. who cares bro
    -this straight up inspired the whole…

  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves


    It’s remarkable how much De Sica cultivates an anti-futurist aesthetic, especially in terms of sound design, narrative structure, and above all editing. In fact, Bicycle Thieves associates speed with a breakdown of human dignity, desperation breaking down our social bonds. We’re at our best, in harmony with our community, our souls healing and radiating, when surrounded by an ambient city, by digestible slices of life, by communities we care about.

    The dramatic logic can be super old school, with scenes…

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