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  • The Haunting

    The Haunting


    Beautiful ... but dear god ... make a four hour version. Waaaay too overlong, like a lot of streaming series now.  There is a lot of good in here, but a LOT of padding.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    White dude saves jazz.

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  • Sweetwater



    January Jones continues to astound with her range. I think she frowned and maybe slightly grimaced twice - two new additions to her android programming. Luckily the role called for her to be a Terminator in a dress, so she was in the zone.

    But all snarking aside, I do like a small cast, dirty, neo-noir western and this checked off a few boxes for me. Nice Ed Harris performance (as a proto-CSI sheriff) and Jason Isaacs does his usual villain at a 100 mph.

  • Halloween



    40 years of supposed prepping and they made it seem like Laurie had no idea what to actually do when the Shape hit the fan.

    Just baffled by the set up for her house / panic room. Why were there no monitors in the basement? Why did the front door have glass for Michael to punch through? (and that “big reveal” about the basement was kinda anticlimactic, honestly)

    Still waiting for a female directing / writing team to take this tired series in a new direction.