BlacKkKlansman ★★

Oh the Irony! The films primary purpose is to associate White supremacy to Donald Trump (and the people who voted for him, and actually all republicans - e.g. Nixon poster) and to ultimately to "educate" people to the evils of Trumps vision of making America great again. A central piece of the story narrative is the discussion of the 1915 film, "Birth of a Nation," that was used as a propaganda tool for racism and to illicit support of a southern democrat political agenda (e.g.Woodrow Wilson's segregation). In essence, BlacKKKlansman is a similar tool. The irony that the filmmakers clearly seem oblivious to.

John David Washington's starring role is outstanding. Laura Harrier's portrayal was flawless. Frederick Weller played the disgusting racist cop solidly. Most of the other characters seemed so fantastical that is gave a level of cheesiness that kind of over shadowed the solid acting base. Had some good humor and while it was a longer movie, it kept you interested. I wouldn't call it a good movie, but it is a movie of note that will get award attention.