Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

A magnificent debut from the director and screenwriter Emerald Fennell. Reviewing this movie, I keep ending with the same and even stronger emotions. I would not have words to describe this work that I did not have high expectations the first time I saw it and then I was amazed at the result.

The story of Cassie (Carey Mulligan) is shown, a woman who does not overcome the loss of her best friend Nina, who was abused during her university stage. The protagonist pretends to be drunk to generate different encounters with men and test their behavior towards her state, each scene of these encounters are magnificent, with dialogues and images that you do not forget. Each step that advances in the plot we discover details and people who were with Nina from her direct abusers to those who were silent knowing what was happening. A reality is reflected that is easy to perceive in this age of accusations and what people do with it, such as continuing to leave a person who abused with impunity because they share a bond or it simply did not seem so serious. This is seen throughout the film, each character collaborates with this and people's decisions bristle. Each time it becomes colder and harder instead of hopeful and fun as at the beginning, a final scene that broke my heart and without thinking about it for 5 minutes, that is what we see every day about femicides on the TV news or networks , this makes you shiver more. It made me rethink as a man my attitudes or thoughts about all this, how I have behaved or how I can eradicate these misogynistic attitudes in others from my role. And that a movie achieves this seems incredible to me.

Going to the technical, I do not see errors, possibly gaps in the script about the friendship with Nina, what happened well with her and what Cassie did with the men although the latter I feel that it was a very genuine and good directive decision to leave it in imagination to each. Anyway, it makes me a very good script, especially with the turns that the film takes without being forced and the good focus that they give it. Add that it has a spectacular photograph that highlights Cassie's states as well as the music, pop icon.

Going to Carey Mulligan, I think what she did excellent. I take this woman to the level of a sociopath, if she can be called I prefer to call her a traumatized person with a tremendous naturalness, she does not fall into stereotypes of screaming and crazy laughter, on the contrary, and above all she shows that struggle of not being able to let go and live in a certain past. Each scene is unique, Carey with this gives the best interpretation for me of 2020 and one of my favorites in general referring to the personal. She really deserves all the awards this season, I am happy that this very unacademic but so magnificent performance has reached the Oscars nomination, THANK YOU CAREY.

Without more to say, it is a masterpiece as far as I am concerned because it was one of those films that I did not care about the technical at first but I caught the plot and how it is carried, gives a message and denounces loud and clear. I feel like it is one of those films that is going to be revalued and transcended over time, truly an icon.
The best of 2020 concerns me.

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