Ms .45 ★★★★★

Abel Ferrara's second "legitimate" (i.e. non-porno) feature does feel doubly, triply resonant in the current climate, even as it remains a pitch perfect pre-Giuliani NYC film, dipped to the toes in ambient fear, aimless violence, and delicious urban hubbub, right down to the incidental scene of a local haranguing an out-of-towner for his parking space. Ms .45 may be one of the perfect exploitation films, snotty, tough, sountracked with contagious zest, deeply fun--a pristine play of sound and image. Its premise is simple, perhaps brilliantly stupid, its violence evolving in scope and emotional weight, with a mute central performance by Zoë Lund that is generously cool and naturally moving. The only thing missing is the customary grindhouse tedium--at a svelte 80 minutes, there is quite literally never a dull moment. A piece of skronky perfection.

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