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  • Crimes and Misdemeanors

    Crimes and Misdemeanors


    CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS is one of Woody Allen's best, which is saying a lot, isn't it? It includes a great ensemble featuring Allen, Mia Farrow, Martin Landau, Angelica Huston, Jerry Orbach, Alan Alda, Joanna Gleason, Sam Waterston, and more. Allen is a struggling documentary filmmaker, married to Gleason, who is in turn Alda's sister. Allen is following Alda around; Alda is in television -- a successful producer -- who is also an ass (if you have seen the film, you've…

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    THE CRAZIES deals with a terrifying idea -- a small Iowa town has its water supply contaminated. How is unimportant. What IS important is that the contamination creates maniacal, killer crazies. All of them are out to kill anyone that they come across. The crazies are trying to be stopped by a sheriff played by Timothy Olyphant and, rather reluctantly, his wife Radha Mitchell. Both Olyphant and Mitchell's performances help the film along as does the film's special effects. It's one I like well enough to have in my permanent film library, but it's no horror classic by any means.

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  • Nil by Mouth

    Nil by Mouth


    I've read much about Gary Oldman's original screenplay and directorial debut with this 1997 film based, to some degree, on his growing up in southeast London where pretty much one would be on "the wrong side of the tracks" any direction you went. This is one of those films I love, largely because it's nearly impossible to watch. I've never heard the "f" or "c" words used so many times and in such quick repetition. The language is not a…

  • Oldboy



    This 2003 South Korean masterpiece is being remade starring Josh Brolin and Spike Lee? Why can't American filmmakers make original films and stop remaking other countries' best work? Here's hoping it's like David Fincher's version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and will be on par with the original version, but I'm not holding out much hope at all. In OLDBOY, a man is kidnapped off the street, held for 15 years, is suddenly released, and given five days…