Come Back, Little Sheba ★★★★

Here's what IMDb says: "For two decades Doc and Lola Delaney avoided coming to terms with what Doc considered a "shot gun" marriage. Lola lost the baby and gives a lot of her affection to Sheba, a dog that disappeared a few months before the film opens. Doc blames Lola for having to drop out of medical school and not becoming a "real" doctor. Until joining AA a year ago, his escape was alcohol. Then college student Marie rents a room in their home. Doc feels passion for the first time in 20 years. But Marie has two suitors her age. Lola -- unaware of Doc's emotions --becomes as interested in Marie's future as if Marie were her daughter." Burt Lancaster gives a strong performance as Doc -- understated and emotionally powerful -- and he is more than matched by Shirley Booth. Booth, who had already won a Tony for this role, won a well-earned Oscar for this film. Booth is a fragile flower while simultaneously showing a kind of steely strength. The film is powerful and was likely an easy transition from the stage; the film is largely set inside Doc and Lola's house. Their young female lodger stirs up all sorts of feelings in both Doc and Lola, and for the length of the film we watch those feelings bubble up -- it's a fascinating look at marriage.