Inception ★★★★★

INCEPTION is a wondrous movie delivered with glee by director and writer Christopher Nolan. It's one of the few action-adventure movies that is truly an ensemble piece and every actor is pitch-perfect in their portrayals of these extraordinary characters caught up in the world of dreams within dreams. Leo DiCaprio has rarely been better, Marion Cotillard is brilliant, Tom Hardy brings something wonderful to his role, Ellen Page is perfect as the dreams' architect, Joseph Gordon-Levitt couldn't be better as DiCaprio's right-hand man, and others add to the film's great success. It's action sequences in dreams are incomparable; there's never been scenes like some of the scenes in this movie. How Nolan creates this intricate script and films it reveals just how brilliant he is as writer and director. It's one of those films to be seen on the big screen for the little screen is, well, too little to contain the film's mastery.