Oldboy ★★★★★

This 2003 South Korean masterpiece is being remade starring Josh Brolin and Spike Lee? Why can't American filmmakers make original films and stop remaking other countries' best work? Here's hoping it's like David Fincher's version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and will be on par with the original version, but I'm not holding out much hope at all. In OLDBOY, a man is kidnapped off the street, held for 15 years, is suddenly released, and given five days to figure out who held him and why. What transpires is a film like none other. Choi Min-sik is perrfect as Dae-su Oh, a man who lives in mystery both while imprisoned and then once released. It would be too easy to say "nothing is what it seems" because really everything is precisely what it seems -- we just don't know the details until the film's end. It's finely-crafted with first-rate twists and turns, none of which are superfluous or ridiculous within the film's own boundaries. The last 20 minutes or so are beyond breathtaking. In a matter of minutes, I was flooded with every emotion. This is a film that sticks with you; it stuck with me for days, even after I watched other great movies immediately aftewards. It could have been perfect, if not for the last three minutes, which I remain unsure as to my feelings about. Still, it deserves a five-star rating. It's exceptional in every way.