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  • Crimes and Misdemeanors

    Crimes and Misdemeanors


    CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS is one of Woody Allen's best, which is saying a lot, isn't it? It includes a great ensemble featuring Allen, Mia Farrow, Martin Landau, Angelica Huston, Jerry Orbach, Alan Alda, Joanna Gleason, Sam Waterston, and more. Allen is a struggling documentary filmmaker, married to Gleason, who is in turn Alda's sister. Allen is following Alda around; Alda is in television -- a successful producer -- who is also an ass (if you have seen the film, you've…

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    THE CRAZIES deals with a terrifying idea -- a small Iowa town has its water supply contaminated. How is unimportant. What IS important is that the contamination creates maniacal, killer crazies. All of them are out to kill anyone that they come across. The crazies are trying to be stopped by a sheriff played by Timothy Olyphant and, rather reluctantly, his wife Radha Mitchell. Both Olyphant and Mitchell's performances help the film along as does the film's special effects. It's one I like well enough to have in my permanent film library, but it's no horror classic by any means.

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    I "liked" this film here, but it's one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. Stanley Kubrick -- a genius filmmaker -- follows Malcolm McDowell and his "crew" of fellow sociopaths as they wreak havoc. There is one particular scene -- if you've seen the film, you know the scene already I'm sure -- involving the crew and a man and his wife and a version of "Singin' in the Rain" that will make you cringe every time you…

  • Come Back, Little Sheba

    Come Back, Little Sheba


    Here's what IMDb says: "For two decades Doc and Lola Delaney avoided coming to terms with what Doc considered a "shot gun" marriage. Lola lost the baby and gives a lot of her affection to Sheba, a dog that disappeared a few months before the film opens. Doc blames Lola for having to drop out of medical school and not becoming a "real" doctor. Until joining AA a year ago, his escape was alcohol. Then college student Marie rents a…

  • Cinderella



    So, surely everyone knows the story of Cinderella, even the Disney version. So, her wicked, sadistic stepmother favors her two homely daughters -- all of whom torment poor Cinderella. When the ball is held so that the kingdom's prince can find a bride, all eligible females are invited but Cinderella's stepmother ensures she cannot go, particularly by having the dress made by birds and mice Jacques and Gus torn to shreds. Enter Cinderella's fairy godmother who gives her a new…

  • Christopher Strong

    Christopher Strong


    Few of Katherine Hepburn's films did not work in a multi-decade career. One such film was CHRISTOPHER STRONG, in which Hepburn plays a noble-born aviatrix (Lady Darrington) who falls in love with a married member of Parliament (Sir Christopher Strong). Things do not go smoothly for the two lovers, though. It's a light story from very early in Hepburn's career; it pales in comparison to her debut in A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT or of the other 1933 film for which she won her first Oscar, MORNING GLORY.

  • Chocolat



    Lasse Hallström directs this charming -- though too precious -- picture involving a woman (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter opening a chocolate store in a small French village. They are considered an amoral influence on the lives of the villagers, but soon their delicious chocolate begins to change people's lives. Judi Dench has an important role as an elderly member of the village. Other villagers and leaders of the community include Alfred Molina, Lena Olin, Peter Stormare, and Leslie Caron.…

  • Charade



    Regina (Audrey Hepburn) had a husband she divorced who turned all their money into cash and then was murdered. But no one knows where the cash is. Peter (Cary Grant) is actively looking for it, wooing Regina at the same time, perhaps because he's generally attracted and perhaps because he thinks she knows where the money is. There are others looking for the money, too, but they keep coming up dead. And so the challenge for Peter and Regina, who…

  • Changing Lanes

    Changing Lanes


    Here is a perfect road-rage movie starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson. We find out about their personal lives even as they argue about the car accident they had with one another. So, it is more about their personal struggles and how they are taking those out on each other in a fit of road rage. At least that's how I remember it. I must admit, it's not the most memorable film but it is not a bad one either.

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Steven Spielberg directed a fast-paced, fun film with lots of dramatic elements in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I can sometimes not buy Tom Hanks or Leo DiCaprio in their roles, but I totally bought them here as the FBI agent looking for DiCaprio the con artist. The cons that Frank Abagnale Jr. (DiCaprio) was able to pull off such as posing as a doctor and an airline pilot when he was barely out of his teens were amazing and…

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    CAPE FEAR seems to be ahead of its time, released in 1962. Lawyer Gregory Peck must protect his family, Polly Bergen (his wife) and Lori Martin (his daughter) from Robert Mitchum's character who Peck put in jail. Mitchum gets out and goes looking for revenge. In the film's climactic scene, Mitchum comes close to raping Bergen and/or Martin before Peck can intervene. It's an incredibly tense movie, although the 1991 Scorsese version starring Robert De Niro as the jailbird and Nick Nolte as the lawyer is even scarier and creepier and more violent.

  • Cactus Flower

    Cactus Flower


    From IMDb: "Toni Simmons (an award-winning Goldie Hawn) believes that the only reason her married lover won't leave his wife is because of the children. In truth, her lover, dentist Julian Winston (Walther Matthau), doesn't have any children. In fact, Julian doesn't even have a wife - he just tells women he does to avoid getting involved. When Julian does decide to take the plunge with Toni she insists on meeting the first wife and Julian enlists the aid of…