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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Full review here.

  • Supersonic



    I fookin' love this band -- one of my all-time favorites despite their inane (for the most part) lyrics and childish pseudo-provocations. They're a beer-spitting, speaker-rattling manifestation of unchecked id, and when they rock they rock like nobody's business. Their melodies were virtually unparalleled (please find me a singalong catchier than "Don't Look Back In Anger," I dare you), and their production growled with the rabid menace of a psychotic wolf.

    I was hoping, then, that this doc would shuffle…

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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    It's all about the scene in the third act when Ethan and Jim reunite and have a drink together. Jim is trying to convince Ethan that Kittridge is the mole, not knowing Ethan already figured out it was Jim because of the Drake Hotel bible. So Ethan, having the upper hand, narrates a flashback where he pretends to realize how Kittridge did it, all for Jim's benefit -- meanwhile, DePalma's visuals tell a different story: the way Ethan is seeing…

  • Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary


    Me: The rom-com is dead.
    Netflix: Try this Ben Schwartz movie from the LEGO BATMAN writer!
    Me: The rom-com is still dead.