Possessor ★★★★

A smart & fucked-up sci-fi horror film that burrows into the questions about identity and morality its hooky premise raises. A mostly sensory experience, there isn't a whole lot to unpack beyond that -- and it isn't hard to find, since we're following an assassin whose own sense of self and right vs. wrong melts down the more she spends time outside her own body -- but Christopher Abbott once again astounds in a role that asks him to play two characters, and he does so without ever chewing scenery or asking for attention when he switches. And Riseborough's de-evolution as she begins to favor gory kills over professional ones (though I'm not exactly sure why she doesn't tell JJL about her minor artifacting and loss of sync, unless she's already given up on the job by this point) makes for some terrific -- if disgusting -- body horror, its high point being that fucking mask OMG.