The Love Witch ★★½

There's an open cabin at Horror Camp for a feminist Russ Meyer, and Biller is definitely clever and skilled enough to hop in that bunk, but her retro aesthetic wears very thin over an absurdly bloated 120+ minutes. Huge editing fail, not reducing this by a good 40 minutes. At 81 or so, the arch performances would read as winks, not strained, and the stilted dialogue would be amusing, not a chore. It would also move a very thin plot along at a far easier pace. Instead, we're left to ponder Biller's notably rich thesis about psychological prisons women are left in thanks to society-inspired dreams of attaining a man and the sexist crap said men heap upon their victims. That's all well and good, and the colorful 35mm photography makes it go down a little easier, but this is still a work in progress. I have a hunch her BLUEBEARD is gonna be pretty cool though once she learns from the mistakes with this.