The Rider

Ooooofffff. Yikes. Had to bail around 40 mins in; just couldn't take it any longer. Film-school-level directing (Hi, let's walk through a door, stop, hit my mark, say my line, then walk out of the frame so we can cut to the reverse shot) and a super self-serious level of "this is soooo humanizing" treatment of its variably disabled cast. A couple nice shots here and there don't make up for cheap production design, unbelievably bad acting (I know these are the real people playing themselves, but how about you try casting actors? It's amazing what skilled professionals can do), and hilariously expository dialogue. "Have you seen Lane?" "No, not since x, y, z, and whatever else the audience needs to know right now." Well-meaning and $1.95 gets you a tall drip.

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