Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah

Have you praised Daniel Kaluuya yet today? 

its hard to put a number next to this film yet, i basically feel about it the same way I feel about Sheen as J Edgar Fucko; generally amazing to see but also terrifyingly unsettling.

Fred Hampton was killed as an enemy of the state, so a blockbuster biopic in this apparatus is somewhat crooked to experience. But unlike other political dramas of recent time, this one hasn’t been censored hard enough to make both sides of the conflict in a grey zone, and definitely didn’t liberalize it too much, and with kaluuyas very great performance, it feels respectful enough for me to say i liked it

Stanfield was great too (the whole cast really was), but i think will o’neals role should’ve shown the threat he faced more instead of making him off as that sleezy

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