Christopher Nolan may just be the most pretentiously self-indulgent filmmaker ever. He thinks he is making masterpieces of cinema, he thinks he gets to then dictate how his movies should be seen and can shit on anyone who dares defy him. I kinda hate his movies.
I don't know who is worse: Nolan, his movies, or his fans. It's the trifecta of toxicity.
This movie is a spectacular failure on almost every level. It is a film filled with constant dialogue and exposition, yet the actors speak nothing but nonsense and nothing is actually said at any point. The acting is pretty awful, especially John David Washington, who I also did not like in Malcolm & Marie, and sadly it must be noted that he inherited none of his father's talent or charisma. The film is the visual equivalent of the color taupe - it just does not look good at all. Even the costumes are boring and with the color sucked out of them. And worst of all is the sound design - I loathe how Nolan mixes his films, as they are barely comprehensible without subtitles or captions on.
I love a movie that asks me to do some work, where as a viewer I am not spoon-fed content and am expected to figure things out. Nolan creates puzzles, though, that are unsolvable by design. They have no solution because he never intended there to be one, he is withholding either by design or simply because he can't be bothered to figure his own shit out. He has made an entire career out of films trying to explore time and the structure of this dimension. I am tired of it, him, and his apologists.
And then there is his inherent and ever-present sexism, when he even bothers including a woman in the cast at all. Elizabeth Debicki is a talented actress, but in this movie she only exists in her capacity as a mother and to be beaten, abused, and destroyed for two and a half hours. Fuck that noise!
There is really nothing to recommend here. It's the most humorless action film and it takes itself painfully and irresistibly seriously. There is no fun to be had, and very little to admire.
If it hadn't been nominated for 2 Oscars I probably would have skipped it. You do you, but you've been warned.