Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

„They will call him the fastest gun of the south.“
    (Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz)

Hi everybody. Here’s the second review to my past Tarantino week and my personal favorite film from him. It can be found on number 52 in our „111 favorite movies“ list. In my opinion it’s probably the best film, next to Pulp Fiction, in his career, until now. I really can’t wait to see his new, upcoming, movie „Once upon a time in Hollywood“. But till I sit in cinema to watch his newest pic I just rewatch his „classics“. 
Like this one, about „Django“ an „Unchained“ slave, who goes on a rescue mission for his wife, together with his German friend. 

And this one is really my absolutely favorite movie from Quentin T. and next to „Once upon a time in the west“ my favorite Western. The Oscar winning screenplay is once more the highlight of this masterpiece. Brilliant characters, high tempo, well balanced dialogues, far better than in „Inglorious Basterds“ and well-known storytelling. I don’t know where he gets his inspiration from, but it’s fascinating to see that he still delivers world class scripts in his own special style. Now he showed us his personal version of a Western. In every scene we can see his respect and Hommage to the Spaghetti Western. And for me it was a great pleasure to see that his directional work finally reached the same level as his writing art. In this film his directing work was the best so far, no longing sequences, no over cool dialogues, just a fine balance of storytelling, dialogue scenes and well balanced action, mixed up with the unique Tarantino touch. I still can’t understand how „Inglorious Basterds“ received 8 Academy Award nominations including best director and this one only five nominations without best director nominee. Well, we can’t change the past, hopefully in the future that won’t happen again. 

„ name is Django...the D is silent...“
              (Jamie Fox as Django Freeman)

His second great gift is his perfect feeling for actors and actresses. Not only behind the camera, he just knows how to cast. Jamie Fox and Christoph Waltz harmonize perfectly together and both shows us one of their best career performances and  Mr. Waltz won his second supporting actor Oscar. Again and again is the casting vita of Samuel L. Jackson. No other actor played frequently in Tarantino movies like him. And in this one he leaves a lasting impression, maybe his best performance since Pulp Fiction. The greatest surprise in the film is Leonardo DiCaprio, we know he can act, but that was bad, badder, racist bad and it was a joy to watch him act like that. Both Sam L. Jackson and DiCaprio should have received an Oscar nomination too, for supporting actor. 

„...and this is my horse Fritz...“.              (Dr. King Schultz and nodding horse)

Another great gift of Quentin T. is his wonderful feeling for music compilation. No other director knows how to choose the perfect song for the perfect scene, but Q. T. And I mean literally every soundtrack of every of his films. Common, only a Tarantino can let someone ride a horse in slow motion, over 160 years in the past, to a cool hip hop song. Just wow. It was the first time he not only used existing music, he uses music specially written for this movie. My favorite soundtrack of a Q. T. film, so far.  

The art and set decoration is a dream. You really get the feeling to be on sight. The camera and editing works just fine, especially the landscapes are perfectly filmed. The sound design is crystal clear, from crunching snow, hitting hooves to shooting guns and lively background, it’s just mesmerizing. From  movie to movie Mr. Tarantino gets better, what a pleasure. 

So from my side this is a clear 10 out of 10 masterpiece. I can watch it over and over again and it never becomes boring. What an entertaining, funny and heartbreaking motion picture. 
With all my heart I recommend you this outstanding masterclass work of cinema.

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