Early Man ★★★★


Apperently higher advanced people of the bronze age under the command of the evil Lord Nooth drives Dug and his tribe out of their valley. The young Caveman Dug knows his ancestors were great in soccer so he challenges the team of Lord Nooth to a soccer competition to get his valley back for his people with the hopes they can play soccer like their ancestors.

I can't understand why this movie got so much hate. Yes the story is pretty much predictable and nothing special. Like nearly every other sport movie the good guys that never played this sport before need to play against the overpowered evil in a all or nothing final game for a very important reason. The common sport movie formula. The bad guys naturally tricks, there are time loops for the practice and the good guys train on years of experience in one day. But the story should not be the reason to watch this movie for you. It's not a complex sport movie, it's a really beautiful stock motion movie with sports as a motto, nothing more. When you like this kind of practical effects you should give it a try. AND this movie is hilarious in many scenes mostly at the end with "The Royal Commentators" and the "Reply" function I laughed hard. Especially when you love soccer the second half will please you. With Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams the cast is really awesome especially Tom Hiddleston does a great job as antagonist. I didn't recognized him. I want to hear him more often to synchronize movies, he has such talent. Hognob the pig was my star of the movie his constantly funny moments.

So if you like Wallace and Gromit and the art of stock motion you can see this little comedy sport movie but don't expect a new never been there story and have fun with gags like "Early Man- United". If you like stock motion and prefer a good plot I recommend "Kubo and the two Strings".