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Today: Alternate history

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Hello and welcome, we are pleased that you have decided to activate the full access mode. You now have access to further alternate history events and extensions to existing inquiries. Parental advice: Hitler is a bad man that's why he has to die multiple times.
Addition to Hitler's deaths:

1. Hitler loses World War II and flees with his Nazi robot army to the dark side of the moon, where he continues his perfidious plan to gain world domination. One night when he was about to go to the laboratory to plan an economic attack on Europe called BrExit, he unfortunately took the wrong door "Exit" and died miserably on the cold, dark surface of the moon where Brad Pitt found his corpse years later.
Resulting in: first one on the moon: Brat Wurst (part of the German reconnaissance team).

2. Hitler dies in a traffic accident in Berlin .... NOT. He died in agony 4 months and 17 days later from the severe injuries.
Resulting in: first one on the moon: Vladimir Vodka, as Russia hadn't been fighting the Nazis, they became THE global power.

3. The Nazis not only steal art around the globe but alter existing masterpieces. So the "Mona Lisa" is changed without further ado to the "beautiful" "Adolf Lisa". But then records of da Vinci himself are found bringing finally light to the history of "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world". The "Mona Lisa" was and is a notorious, immortal Templar and the Assassin's have searched for her for years. Now they want to find her with the help of a wanted poster... only it now shows Hitler... . So they kill him by throwing him off a building into a hay wagon.
Resulting in: first one on the moon: Ezio Mario Luigi da Firenze known as the "Moon Assassin."

4. Hitler gets through his closet in the "Führer Bunker" into a magical kingdom and is maltreated by a lot of fans. Badly injured he crawls back to the real world through his closet only to learn that he has drastically aged because this is no children's fairy tail. Time passed and everyone forgot about the obstreperous rascal. At 88 years he writes his one and only biography "Mein Krampf" (My Spasm) and dies alone and forgotten.
Resulting in: first one on the moon: Neil Armstrong, as World War II never happened.

We hope you enjoyed it, leave a positive review if you like, goodbye. Stay tuned for more and stay with us for "Lincoln shot first" and afterwards "The troubled nights of Jack the Stripper."

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