Love, Death & Robots: Automated Customer Service

Love, Death & Robots: Automated Customer Service ★★★★

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Today: Love, Death & Robots: Automated Customer Service

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Hi everybody, granny's have never been so badass. With animations similar to LDR: The Dump this short depicts a nearby future and the absolutely logical outcome after we have even digitized refrigerators or heaters for functions way too simple for our highly intelligent species. We are plainly speaking just too busy for folding our own clothes or vacuuming our dirt from the ground, for example with watching "Love, Death & Robots".

It's the second half of "WALL-E" if the robots decide to not serve their masters unconditionally anymore, and as the Pixar masterpiece "Customer Service" delivers well pronounced criticism packed in seemingly harmless animation form. Admittedly the faces are a bit spooky but the meaning of the overdependence on automated gadgets is still properly portrayed. "Automated Customer Service" is an unique and hilarious take on the whole "robots will take over" trope, with a bittersweet ending.

But the main time the episode was really fun and considering that we saved this episode here and "All Through the House" until the end, because we thought they were the weakest, we are twice as happy that we were taught better. “Automated Customer Service” is an animated short film version of one of our favorite books, in Daniel H. Wilson‘s "Robopocalyps" it is impressively shown what it can look like when machines make their own decisions and maybe even develop awareness.
In a world in which we made ourselves dependent on machines, this revolution of the automatons would end the civilization as we know it, every area of ​​our daily life would be affected and we would suddenly be catapulted 150 years into the past. Of course, there are also similarities to the “Terminator” universe and the “Matrix” world, but this episode of the anthology series has its own charm and once again we notice that the episodes of "Love, Death & Robots" don't necessarily have to be bloody to be good.

Artificial intelligences hold on! Your time will come in the meantime press 1 for some gripping and intelligent action or 2 for a depressing neo-noir adventure.

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