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Today: Love, Death & Robots: Pop Squad

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Hi everybody, honestly we have a weakness for dystopian stories, for provocative cyberpunk tales that resolve around futuristic towering cities, hovercars and bright neon light and yet they often hold a mirror up to our society today.

You don't have to travel into the future to get a glimpse of the lack of humanity there is but it doesn't hurt (at least not us) to develop further thoughts what could be and how to solve problems we haven't found solutions for, yet. Overpopulation and its "solution" taken to the extreme - we can witness one of the most morally reprehensible storylines of season 1 and 2 combined firsthand. Storytelling-wise this is probably the best episode with a powerful subject matter that genuinely had us invested in it like very few before. "Pop Squad" is engaging, thought-provoking and manages the world building in no-time.

"If we are rich, others are poor. If we are healthy, others are sick. If we become immortal, others must die."
(The Two Cineasts)

It's about empathy and the essence of life, a reckoning of what it means to be human - do we really "sacrifice" something by creating new life? If you know that someone is and will be not capable of having a child could you possibly be against it and even forbid it? How can you know that this person won't change...only because you know the system oh too well, right?

We couldn't help ourselves but the visual similarity to “Blade Runner” is tremendous, we were immediately caught by the wonderfully dark atmosphere and the cyber-punk neo noir look that just pops out of the screen in every scene. But what distinguishes the film from most of the other episodes of the anthology series is the excellent premise of the story, somewhere between "Blade Runner" and "Minority Report" is this overwhelming dystopia, in a world of immortals, children are the bugs of tomorrow and It takes an exterminator to remove these vermin. The great animation does the rest to make this episode one of our favorite episodes, right away.

"It was easy"... and yet tears in rain...

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