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Today: Love, Death & Robots: Three Robots

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Hi everybody, this dystopian episode could also be a hybrid of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, just a little more vulgar. Wonderful biting humor and razor-sharp dialogues, spice up this short animation delicacy and make it one of the better contributions to this anthology series and even if we run the risk of repeating ourselves, as soon as the short film ended we thought how nice it would be to see more. A movie has definitely succeeded with this opinion in the end. And that's exactly the case here, we would have loved to spend more time with the three robots.

This medium short episode is a pure moment of joy and laughter and an impressive example for the range of "LDR" among some overwhelmingly dark shorts. From the opening with the great "Terminator" reference to the final revelation "Three Robots" put a big smile on our faces. The dynamic and personalities of the three eponymous robots, their sarcastic style and the overall black comic tone just make a delightful journey of our history and what is to come. Everyone who owned a cat knows that they aren't your cute little pets, it's the other way around, YOU are the humble servant who provides shelter and food when they want it. They look adorable but are ticking time bombs! And I have to say it: sorry, but as a proud Playstation owner it's hard to believe that the Xbox is still a thing in a few thousand years... unbelievable!

In a nutshell it's "WALL-E" but with three robots instead of one that don't work at all and use bad language.

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