Signs ★★★★½

„ you believe in „Signs“...?“
                    (Mel Gibson as Graham)

Hi everybody, another great film from “Our 111 favorite movies” list. This time it’s number 30. This is my personal favorite from M. Night Shyamalan and still makes me watch the night sky, after watching it. The story about a family that faces a strange encounter from outer space. 

Producer, writer and director M. Night Shyamalan uses his well- tried recipe once again, in his third  motion picture. A movie experience full of mystery and suspense, together with a plot twist at the end and voila, a modern Hitchcock is born. Because that’s exactly what the first three films of Shyamalan are, a perfect obeisance to the grandmaster himself. But not like an imitator, more like a new born master of suspense, with own ideas and creativity. The directing and writing creating a highly threatening atmosphere, without being too dramatically, because of perfect timed funny moments. Next to the work of M. Night, the cast of the film is just adorable. Lead by Mel Gibson, for me his best career performance, in his Oscar nomination worthy role as the father of the family. Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin as the two kids of Mel Gibson’s role are heartwarming, once again the director proofs that he understands, like no other, to integrate children wisely into movies. And of course Joaquin Phoenix as Mel Gibson’s brother, wow what a performance. As a fan of this masterwork, I had wished it would have won a few Academy Awards, but objective I can’t understand why it not had been nominated, at least, for two Oscars. First nomination for supporting actor Joaquin Phoenix, his role is the balance between intensive and funny moments. Second nomination for the exciting score by James Newton Howard, only the music creates so much tension. 
The reason for only 9 of 10, is a little religious overdose. But nevertheless, still a paramount movie enjoyment. 

The movie is a real old school thriller, good story telling results in an outstanding final scene. 
My recommendation to anyone who wants to spend a thrilling evening.

Hi it's Nico the other part of Two Cineasts. I haven't seen "Signs" yet and didn't know much about it either. As it's Hendrick favorite Shyamalan I need to catch it up soon. I like Shyamalans style and big twists, despite the fact he doesn't created only good movies. My favorite Shyamalan to this point is probably "The Six Sense", but this can definitely be the new number 1.

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